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MegaPeople is an online community for people interested in dating, flirting, and even finding friendship. It’s like a “dating community” for the web! There are other dating communities out there but the combination of the extra features Mega Personals offer really sets it apart from the rest.

MegaPersonals chat

You’ve probably heard of chat rooms before, right? These are places where you “chat” – that’s not all they do, though. In addition to talking to friends, they also let you send each other private messages, access each others profiles and view each others photo galleries. These rooms are becoming more popular as online dating grows in popularity.

However, what if you want to use the chat rooms but are worried about being too “sexy” or “cute?” Well, with MegaVegas you have an option to hide these things from others when you’re not online. They actually have a setting that can block out certain words and display just the images you want to show. So basically, no one will be able to see your profile – except you!

Mega Personals chat rooms are also extensible.

This means you can add on any of the features that interest you. If you want to flirt with some “older” ladies, for instance, you can change your profile to accommodate this. When you join, they’ll see your age and ask if you’re new. Then, if you say yes, you can set your age to older than that (they’ll still have to accept you first, of course).

The private messaging feature of Mega Personals is another Mega Personals unique advantage over similar sites. While many dating sites have limited chat options, many allow you to set up multiple ones on the same account. This means you can talk to a bunch of people at once! With Mega Rooms, however, you can chat privately to only those you want to chat with. There’s no need to share anything with anyone else – even your email address!

There’s one more thing Mega Personals chat rooms offer privacy.

Your personal information is kept private and secure. Unlike, say, MySpace, Facebook, or a number of other social networking sites, your information is kept private on a password-protected server so only you and authorized contacts have access to it. You can use any of the available free features to enhance your experience. You can chat in private, search the web, upload photos, and upload music, all while enjoying a private experience in a safe online environment.

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